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certificate of actual innocence and that is a document. only a judge can find to allow tribble to sue the district for restitution. three motions were filed with the court and all have been ignored. when tribble went on trial more than 30 years ago, susan was a member of the jury show and 11 others found compelling evidence to convict him on the murder of john mccormick. >> i remembered feeling that the evident was so strong as it was presented, that it was enough for us to question his alibi. >> reporter: there was a one in 10 million chance that the hair didn't belong to tribble. susan said that she remembers deliberations in the jury room and is conflicted by the role later. >> intellectually, i don't feel
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responsible and i think it was a thoughtful process and that we made, as a group, we made what ended up as a unanimous decision based on what it was we were offered. >> reporter: initially, she told the court i remember the other jurors. when we got to the jury room saying if they found a stocking cap with his hair, he had to be guilty and that was it. how else could his hair get in there unless he had the stocking cap on? the u.s. attorney's office is not opposing the request for the certificate of innocence that he needs for restitution, up to $50,000 for every year
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locked up. although the judge threw out his conviction, she has remained silent with the court. she said that tribble needs the document. he's jobless and virtually homeless. and&this is a puzzling twist. two other d.c. men who were convicted and exonerated based on hair analysis by the fbi have both received innocence. he's precluded by law from commenting on the pending case. >> we know of three cases where hair analysis is discredited and wrongful convictions in d.c. are there going to be anymore? >> it's possible, brian, and that is because the u.s. attorney's office and the justice department launched an extensive review into the 60s, as we're told, to look at hair analysis cases.
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back then, the fbi had's view of hair analysis that doesn't work and the dna is proving that and there might be other people sent to prison on hair analysis and that is flawed. the news edge on d.c. and nine members are behind jail tonight. the so-called shellout game robbed people and beat up their victims. investigators say many of the crimes are carried out in china town and some other parts of the city. there could be more arrests. a big story, the investigation into the deadly consulate attack in libya. he lied and that is how they started off a many of them shouting. >> reporter: both sides agreed
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that ben ghazi was a tragedy and they want to get to the bottom of it. from there, this hearing split into stark party lines. republicans say the white house is engaged in a coverup and democrats say the gop is trying to score political points to embarrass the president. >> the committee will come to order. >> reporter: republicans on the house foreign affairs committee taking aim at the white house over ben ghazi. >> it's time to fess up. >> i think we need to have a real honest explanation. >> someone forgot to circle the calendar on 9/11. >> reporter: in the two months since four americans included chris stevens were killed, republicans say that that is still not clear why more security officers were not stationed at the u.s. consulate. >> there were not three even. there is supposed to be five. the unwritten rule there were three but there was one there. only one and that is lax
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security. >> it's opened up more questions. >> reporter: the president defended his administration against charges that it's covered up. the calls for beefed up security in ben ghazi before the attack. >> and i am happy to cooperate. >> provided every bit of information we have. >> reporter: that statement drew a sharp accusation from california congressman dana rorbacher. >> the president himself his intensionally misinformed, read that, lied to the american people in the after math of this tragedy. >> reporter: outraged at the president being accused of lying, democrats shot back. >> i am very disturbed at some of the political rhetoric i hear. >> things take time. the most important thing is to get it right, and i urge that we resist the temptation to persist in political posturing. >> reporter: what congress didn't hear from anyone in the
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administration itself. secretary of state hillary clinton is not expected to testify until next month. and despite having stepped down as the cia director, david petraeus is testifying behind closed doors on friday before the intelligence committee and is expected to lay out the timeline and is not expected, brian, to discuss the affair with biographer paula broadwell, which is the center of an fbi investigation. >> and is the attack going to be tied to the scandal? >> and that question now is how did paula broadwell obtain what they believe to be classified information on ben ghazi on the old computer that the fbi searchd the other night. it's important to remember that paula broadwell had a security clearance of her own, but at this point, it's unclear as to whether or not this was attained by broadwell herself or provided to her by petraeus. new information, the
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identity of the fbi agent who saw the e-mails between broadwell and joe kelly has been revealed and frederick humphreys, it's believed, he reported to the supervisors that led to the investigation that uncovered the affair. president obama said that new yorkers will rebound. the president made the first trip to some of the hardest-hit areas in new york damaged by hurricane sandy. the new york mayor and new jersey governor toured parts of staten island, devastated by sandy. >> there is a lot of cleanup to do and people still need emergency help, they need heat and hower -- power, they need food and shelter, kids are still trying to figure out why where they going to school. >> the president also looked at
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the queens area. the national research council found the nation's grid is spread out across hundreds of miles. many key pieces of equipment are unguarded or so old, they lack the sensors to limit the outages. the the portion of the report are given to the department of homeland security. the largest criminal penaltiy in u.s. district. bp agreed to pay $4 billion to the u.s. government over the next five years. and the record settlement in the gulf, bp agreed to a five- year probation term. two bp employees face manslaughter charges in connection to the deaths of 11 people who were killed when the oil rig exploded triggers the massive spill. straight ahead on the news edge, controversial fliers canvass a community. the hateful message posted on several car windshields. >> and the redskins headcoach, a victim of theft, sue. >> hey there, brian.
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we had a lot of cloud cover around today and managed to get up and over the 50 degrees mark for many areas. it's almost the weekend. the weekend before thanksgiving already. we'll focus on that and let you know if we have any rain in the forecast. scott, what is coming up in sports? >> the wizards shuffled the roster today. who is gone and the familiar name back with the squad and what is up with the redskins recent roven trouble with rookie quarterbacks. can they reverse course this sunday? the game's way in ahead in the sports edge. >> and if you have a story idea, call us or shoot us an e- mail. 
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. it's a murder case that shocked the bowie state university. the jury deciding the fate of alexis simpson, accused of killing her roommate dominique frazier in september of last year. she said she never meant to harm frazier and acted in self- defense. they got into a fight about music. washington redskins
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headcoach shanahan got robbed. his money and passport were stolen in the locker room. -- from the locker room. not sure when he realized the items went missing. a police report is filed. the pittsburgh police are investigating. the ku klux klan is advertising its group via flier. the shoppers found the fliers on a car windshield outside of a strip mall? missouri. the message reads bringing back the traditional ways of the ku klux klan. they call a 24-hour klan line. >> thank you for calling the traditional sematic ku klux klan. we are unapologetically committed to the interest and values of the white race. >> they say they're beefing security up at the shopping center. authorities do say, however, distributing the fliers is not against the law, protected by the first amendment. a multimillionaire turned murder suspect. coming up, new key details in the case surrounding john
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. the owner of a software company is wanted on suspicion of murder. john mcafee went into hiding. he hears someone is out to murder him. >> reporter: police in belize labeled john mcafee as a person of interest in the murder of gregory fall. fall, a fellow american, lives
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next to the software family -- company founder on the caribbean island. the body was discovered over the weekend with a gunshot wound in the head. >> he was laying on the floor covered in blood. >> reporter: he is in hiding and fears for his life, trying to stay one step ahead of a belize police unit he said wants to kill him. >> to put myself in their hands is lunacy, i really do. what i can expect is the gsu will do what it does, beat me soundly until a confess to a multitude of sins and then simply execute me. >> reporter: mcafee denies killing his neighbor but does admit the two have had differences. the pair had a dispute over several dog's mcafee kept at his beach side villa. >> i didn't kill him. good lord. i can't consider myself doing anything like that. okay, so if i am a suspect, why are they arresting my friends? y did they arrest my caretaker, my housekeeper, my
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security guard. >> reporter: the town mayor and fellow mcafee neighbor is coming to his defense. >> ar nice person, very friendly. made a donation to the police force and based on equipment. as far as i know he was a good person when i met him. >> reporter: this is not mcafee's first run-in with the law. earlier this year, the police raided his house after he was accused of upholding firearms. most were found to be licensed. the final outcome of that case is still pending. in new york, ansly earhart, fox news. jill is here. >> yeah, and not much sunshine today, brian. a couple of peaks here and there. the sun is back tomorrow. >> okay. >> and a bounce in temperatures as well. tonight's chilly again. good news, yeah? featuring a lot of cold nights. last night, the clouds helped us from getting too cold. tonight, after midnight, the clouds start to depart the area. i love the plane taking off
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there in hd. very cool and good timing. they take off fairly regularly from reagan national, don't they? especially when the skies are clearing on out. today's high temperatures with the cloud cover, 51 degrees and that is phil is below average and -- still below average. bwi marshal at 47 degrees for an afternoon high temperature and we're seeing temperatures starting to tank again around the region. thank you very much in gaithersburg. 36 for frederick; 36 for winchester; 38, martinsburg and that is going to be another night where you need to bundle up throughout and we're surrounded by temperatures in the 40s as the clouds clear on out and it's a thick deck minus the rain showers. you notice a few showers trying to sneak up from the south. i don't think they're going to make it into the area. looks like the whole system is shifting off of the coast and take most of the clouds as well as the precipitation with it and could take longer. this is, again, working toward the coast and it will continue
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to throw back clouds. fredericksburg, maybe you have a couple of light sprinkles out of it and that is as close as that is going to get and i will keep an eye on it, especially with the temperatures like this around the region expected overnight. 37 the low in d.c. 36 for gaithersburg. again, expects the clouds to clear on out later tonight and allowing the temperatures in the suburbs do get into the low 30s again tonight. we'll keep it at 37 degrees for the district as the clouds generally erode overnight. tomorrow, friday that features a lot of sunshine and warmer. our temperature is getting up to 53 degrees. here is your planner and, yes, it will be nice to have the sunshine. make sure you pop the sunglasses into the backpack or brief case. 41 degrees at 8 in the morning. by noon, 49; by 4:00, 52 degrees with lots of sunshine. the high pressure is the reason why we will have so much sunshine around and, in fact, it's probably the reason why the weekend is going to look good, too. it will be hanging around keeping yet another coastal system at bay, we think this
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weekend, we may get a few clouds from it, the system off of the coast is going have a hard time coming farther north. we'll have a bit of ridging left from the area of high pressure. for your weekend, we're featuring late day clouds on saturday with a temperature of 53 and sunday, yeah, more clouds than sun. right now, looks like it's going to be dry. the fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast, we're looking at thanksgiving on the seven-day forecast as well. we're in great shape. not just through the weekend. we have nothing but sunshine for the most part, and a few clouds in there, brian, but no precipitation, and that is especially night nice when we look at tuesday-wednesday timeframe and into thanksgiving. no big travel problems that we see in the east coast. >> thank you, sue. it's been seven years since the skins beat a rookie quarterback and figured out the eagles first year. this sunday. scott smith is up next with the sports edge. nothing like agood hot bath. what if it's filled with wine? japan with a popar seasonal wine and getting the tub
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infused with the drink and even kids. the 3-d wine hit shelves every year on the third thursday in november. last year, more than 15 million on bolts exported to 110 countries -- exported to 110 countries. untries.
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. good evening, i'm scott smith. typically, nfl defenses lick their chops for quarterbacks looking to give the fresh-faced qb a ball. not so for the fredkins -- redskins in recent years. they haven't won since 2005. on sunday, at fed ex field, they will try to snap the skid against the eagles young gun. nick foals will be making the first start this weekend. the third-rounder out of
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arizona received high prizefra- from-everyone, including the coaching staff. brand-new defensive captain barry cofield on why the skins have had a battle against the first-year qbs. >> complacency is probably the number one issue. the guy who you think is going to be, you know, at a lower level. not going to be operating, you know, the way you expect a quality quarterback and you go out and not play your best ball and they look like probowlers. >> you can try to do a couple of things differently, the quarterbacks, but they have stepped up to play well. we haven't played, you know. >> regardless of what year doing as a rookie, the veterans quarterback, whatever. really focus in on your responsibility and not on that -- the rookies making mistakes and go on out and focus on what you need to do. >> the wizards have waved pargo today, averaging 33 points and 14 minutes per game.
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he picked up a familiar name, sean livingston. making a stop in washington in the 2009-'10 season playing in 26 games and it's no sleight to livingston -- wizards drop to 0- 7 in dallas with the pistons win last night. they're the last winless team in the nba. the mavs led last night's game by 22 points at one point and too large of a deficit to overcome. the wizard trailed by double digits in all but one game this year. they host the utah jazz saturday at 7:00. conversely georgetown improved to 2-0 with a over liberty last night. he turned in a clear high 18 points and nine rebounds in the absence of team leader porter. porter missed the game due to concussion-like symptoms and should be back on monday night against ucla. jt-3 is happy with him stepping up when his number was called. >> a matchup problem for
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different people. can you do a lot of different things. we're going need him to fill up a sheet. don't she up, but he's getting better. >> and tonight in college hoops, virginia tech takes on bmi at 7:00, and thursday night football, virginia tries to get one step closer to becoming bowl eligible at 7:30. >> and let's go to shawn yancy now for a look at 10. >> the jury is deciding the fate of the former bowie state student accused of killing her roommate in a fight over music. the latest in a courtroom drama. >> and the junk food fight play outing in schools, vending machines with sugary snacks are disappearing from cafeterias. are junk food bans making a dent in kids' waist line? fox 5 investigates. if you voted for gay marriage in maryland last week, you're invited to a wedding. we'll sit down with a couple whose sermony is open to any voter with a issue of thumbs up. >> and to sue palka now. >> we have a nice-looking seven-
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day forecast, brian. temperatures tomorrow rebound from where they were today by a couple of degrees. the big news is a lot more sunshine and that is going to feel warmer to you. a bit more cloud cover in the late saturday time period and into sunday. so, not maybe a sunny over the weekend as we're going to be on friday, and we also think that the next storm, which is off of the coast and down to the south and east s going to be too far away from us to give us any chance of showers. we have taken those out of the forecast. another big piece of good news, looks like great travel weather. >> the news edge, the news is always on. back here at 10 on news edge at 11.
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